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      About Us:Tianjin UKriver Science &Technology Co., Ltd., located in Tianan 

      Digital City, Zhangjiawo, Xiqing District, Tianjin, has been committed to the 

      design, research and development of LCD products since 2017. At present, 

      the company's research and development products cover sports, medical 

      and other fields. The company's current product research and development 

      of the main product for the E-bike display, the research and development of 

      products by many users love and support! On the basis of original technology, 

      with self-developed products as the core, the company has formed the core 

      capability of the application and implementation of electric vehicle electronic 

      technology, and is committed to the development of innovative new products 

      in the industry. The company since the export of electric bicycle industry as a 

      foothold and starting point; Combined with the characteristics of the electric 

      bicycle industry, a number of technical breakthroughs, and finally developed a 

      series of electric bicycle liquid crystal display products; All products of our 

      company have passed CE, ROHS and EN15194 certification. Products with reliable 

      technology, stable performance, safe use, novel fashion and other characteristics, 

      in the world by the customer praise.

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